Commissioning an Original

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Commissioning an Original

I don't know if I will ever be able to afford an original of yours-Fariad. I get this alot especially in the last few years. My answer is always, commissioning a piece of Artwork from me is quite simple. I have 2 rules to my work-I paint the 3 W's-WWW- Wildlife Western & Wilderness, and a buyer must sign a purchasing agreement, which is simply a binding contract that states that I maintain all copyrights © and the purchaser of the piece is the owner of the original. THAT'S IT !!!!

Most of my collectors negotiate a price up front with me before I begin with a 50% deposit-50% to be paid upon completion. Or, a collector can commission a piece in a meeting, not pay anything , but then if they like the piece, when completed, they now pay the Artist's asking price, which can be steep at times, especially if the image has mass appeal.

All in all, find out what you would like painted- be sure it is in the genres that I paint, then negotiate fairly based on your budget. You would be surprised of what you can actually get, for your money.

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